Charles at the Threshold: An Older ConFluence Title Gets a Whole New Look

Daniel Kremer's 2006 short film Charles at the Threshold (formerly titled Crumbs from a Hard-Boiled Egg) has received a lovely new poster design, designed by the filmmaker. The DVD cover for the film has also been updated. Check the Store page to see the new design. Charles at the Threshold is a tender drama that tells the story of Charles and Sabina, two exceptionally intelligent teenagers who have just graduated high school. They decide to get married at eighteen just one week after they graduate, only to divorce at the age of nineteen. The years pass and Charles, a self-professed “old soul,” begins seeing a woman named Jillian, a fragile free-spirit and single mother of an infant. When a seemingly typical friendly lunch meeting with Sabina approaches, Charles begins showing signs of anxiety—and from just looking at him, Jillian realizes where the mysterious Charles’ true feelings may lie, and that the love he held held for Sabina might have been more than impulsive or lacking in maturity. This short film takes an interesting look at the problems created by our drives to connect and procreate, and our tendency to look back on previous relationships with longing and regret. It is important to note that Charles at the Threshold is a slightly recut and revised version of the earlier Crumbs from a Hard-Boiled Egg. Fundamentally, it remains the same, but the last act has changed significantly and the new title reflects more the film's purpose, tone and character.