University Press of Kentucky Screen Classics Series is releasing Daniel Kremer's book Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films on November 5, 2015. Award-winning biographer Patrick McGilligan is the series editor at Screen Classics, and the Foreword of the book was written by Piers Handling, head of the Toronto International Film Festival.  Learn more about the book here and pre-order it on here. The same press also published Nick Dawson's Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel and Marilyn Ann Moss's Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary Director.  Their recent releases include Dalton Trumbo: Blacklisted Hollywood Radical, by Larry Ceplair and Christopher Trumbo, and Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance, by Brent Phillips. Kremer's book, written and researched with the collaboration and cooperation of Sidney J. Furie himself, details the life of the venerable director of The Ipcress File, The Leather Boys, Lady Sings the Blues, The Appaloosa, Little Fauss and Big Halsy, The Boys in Company C, The Entity, Iron Eagle, and many others.  The book features interviews with Michael Caine, Rita Tushingham, R. Lee Ermey, Billy Dee Williams, Peter O'Toole, and many others.  A full-length biographical documentary film, Sidney J. Furie: Fire Up the Carousel!, is also in production as the veteran director steps into making one last personal film on a shoestring budget in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for further updates!

"How wonderful that there is finally a book about Sidney Furie, one of the best directors in the whole of my career . . . and one of my greatest friends. I wouldn't have had a career without him!" ―Michael Caine

"One hell of a book on one hell of a director, with one hell of a career! I originally wanted to make The Godfather with him but wound up working with him on two other pictures―and had about as good a time as I ever had on a movie set. Sidney J. Furie is one of the favorite directors of my career, and now, finally, there is a book to tell his story. He has survived fifty years as a filmmaker on grit, determination, and genius . . . especially genius!" ―Albert S. Ruddy, producer of The Godfather, The Longest Yard, and Million Dollar Baby