Daniel Kremer's new film, Raise Your Kids on Seltzer, will be released in August 2015. The film is about a middle-aged married couple, Terry and Tessa, who live in the Bay Area. They are retired "exit counselors," i.e. professionals contracted by families to kidnap people away from dangerous cults for "deprogramming" at a secure location. Terry and Tessa's cryptic motto during their often verbally and physically abusive deprogramming process: "Raise Your Kids on Seltzer, Bubble per Bubble!" For the last fifteen years, to make ends meet in an age when cults have become less prevalent, they have produced stylish, unintentionally humorous corporate media. When Terry and Tessa are suddenly called back into their old business, they realize they are rusty, and are hereby doing more harm to their new subject than good. Their unusual marital relationship, itself built on a number of strange domestic rituals, soon begins to unfurl...and reconstitute itself in a way that they did not expect. Stay tuned!