ConFluence-Film cinematographer Aaron Hollander, who shot The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour and A Trip to Swadades, is currently editing a film he wrote and directed.  Tandem, Brown and Upside Down is Hollander's first return to the director's chair since his 2006 short film Fenster.  The new film, which was shot in New York City and Philadelphia, stars Jacob Green (Ryan Gosling's younger self in 2001's The Believer), Alanna Blair (A Simple Game of Catch, Frogtown), Ian Verdun (the TV series "Hawthorne"), filmmaker Miranda Hill and theater actor Patrick Barrett.  The film was screened in rough cut form to a packed house on September 9, 2012 at Philadelphia International House Theater.  It will be ready for ConFluence-Film/Mt. Carmel Films release by the end of this year.  Stay tuned for more details!