A film that Daniel Kremer shot in 2006 and 2007 is being re-released to the VOD market.  It is called Sophisticated Acquaintance.  The film is a more fragmentary form of do-it-yourself cinema, mixing elements of narrative, experimental and documentary in an unlikely but strangely pleasing stew, the film is the portrait of a tormented individual whose short life and long death were affected by a great many factors. It is a film about the creative process, it is the heartbreaking depiction of a rigid father-son relationship… and,  most of all, it is a film about individuality.  Filmmaker John Gross plays Klaus Mann, a stylized and fictionalized version on the real writer of the same name.  Klaus lives in the shadow of his father, the successful intellectual, novelist and Nobel Laureate Thomas Mann (Ernst Hohmann).  Featuring a soundtrack of artists from the fiercely independent Constellation Records label, Sophisticated Acquaintance is a film that is sure to intrigue, vex, exhilarate and challenge.