Daniel Kremer's New Film A Simple Game of Catch

Daniel Kremer will be holding a private premiere for friends, family, cast and crew for his new feature-length fiction film A Simple Game of Catch on September 9 at 6:00 p.m at Philadelphia's International House. The film is an unusual little chamber drama which stars Alanna Blair (Kremer's The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour, C. Andrew Hall's Frogtown and the award-winning webseries Pioneer One) as a young woman named Emily. She has recently changed her name to Chazz and has emigrated from Pittsburgh to New York City. She responds to a job ad involving housesitting for a parrot-owning Manhattanite going out of town, and must weather the internal backlash from the humiliating thing she decides to do while cooped up in this stranger's apartment, having unreciprocated conversations with the parrot all the while. She also eavesdrops on her employer's neighbors. The film was shot over a period of seven days, on HD. A trailer is forthcoming. Supporting cast includes Katya Quinn-Judge, William McKeever, Dave Coleman, Jacob Green, Hanshi Kaufman and Tango the Parrot.